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Youth News Update

Our Martyrdom Pilgrimage was a great success last weekend!
We had 24 youth from our Parish attend ranging from elementary students right up to university students.

To witness the historical sites surrounding the Midland area, however briefly, was very powerful and moving. Certainly one could not be unshaken by the gruesome accounts of the Jesuits martyrdom.

It was humbling to consider what struggles the early missionaries to our country endured to bring the message of Jesus Christ to this land. Thank you to all who attended this pilgrimage and those who supported it as well.

I will be needing help from the youth to lead Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. If there are any youth who are able to do so, please let me know.

As always please keep the youth in your prayers, especially throughout this lenten season as we are encourage to repent and come back to Christ. Pope Francis in a recent Angelus Audience said “God never gets tired of forgiving us, we get tired of asking for forgiveness.”

Thanks everyone! God bless! Frank

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