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Youth News Update

Our Edge program is for Grades 6-8 and meets every Wednesday from 7-9pm in the Gym.
Our LifeTeen program is for highschoolers and meets every Tuesday from 7-9pm in the Gym.

Our Young Adult Program meets every 2nd Thursday in the Rectory from 7-9 and is for anyone from ages 18-35.
This week in Edge we will be learning about What to Talk About in Prayer.
This week in Edge we will be learning about What to Pray About.
This week in LifeTeen we will be having a Dodgeball night with pizza.
All highschoolers are welcome.

This week our Young Adult group will be watching Fr Barron talk about The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church.
Trip to the Martyr Shrine
Our youth ministry program is organizing a trip to the Martyr Shrine in Midland to see the place Canada’s first saints were martyred. We will be going on Wednesday March 16th. This trip is open to ages 11-30. Contact me at the Rectory office or at stmarysyouthlindsay@gmail.com for more information.Dylan Faleiro, Youth Director

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