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Just to clarify abouth the Mass Stipend policy here at St. Mary’s.

A Mass Stipend is an Offering given to a priest as alms for his maintenance, in return for which he offers a Mass for the donor’s intention. The stipend is not given as a price for the Eucharistic Sacrifice. It is rather a voluntary donation whose origins go back to the early Church, when stipends were made during Mass and later on outside of Mass. (Modern Catholic Dictionary, by Fr. John Hardon)

Because we have several priests concelebrating our Sunday Masses, each priest can take a particular intention. This is why you see the weekend Masses for several different names or sets of names. It is not one priest with multiple intentions for one mass but multiple priests with one intention each. In this Diocese, all offerings or stipends are pooled. $15 of each stipend goes to the Priests’ Retirement Fund; $2 stays in the parish and all active priests share equally in the stipends.