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In the 1960s the choice of Gospel was switched from hearing the same Gospel readings throughout the year to a 3-year cycle. In Year A the Gospel is taken from Matthew, Year B from Mark, and Year C from Luke. The Gospels for Easter and Christmas is from St. John.

The Gospel is meant to be proclaimed not just read. This puts great responsibility on the priest and deacon to know thoroughly the Gospel but it also puts a responsibility on the people. The people must prepare themselves so they so the Word is not only heard by the ears but also received in the heart.

Often the Priest or Deacon elevates the Book so the people can see and proclaims the ending with “This is the Good News of the Lord”. We reply, “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ” who is the living Word of God. The Priest then kisses the book as a sign of reverence saying quietly, “Through the words of the Gospel may our sin be wiped away.”

We process in with the Book of the Gospel. We incense the Book of the Gospel. We kiss the Book of the Gospel.
Do I elevate the Gospels in my life?

Questions for Reflection:
1. Do I make time in the week before Sunday Mass to reacquaint myself with the Gospel I want to hear?
2. Do I give myself time after I hear the Gospel to let it really take root in my heart?
3. What do I carry away from the Gospel?

Scripture: Jn. 1: 1-4, Nehemiah 8:8