40 Russel Street East, Lindsay, Ontario

The work is well underway on the floors, kneelers and pews and there will be disruption for a while. Please use the choir loft for additional seating. The stairs have just been redone. We will have Eucharistic ministers go up for communion so as to facilitate reception of Holy Communion. We will continue as far as we can according to our funds. Thank you to the volunteers.

Our donors so far include: Olivia & Max Kuper, Erika Hollingshead, Fr. Tom Lynch, Wayne & Brenda Curtis, Mike Byrne, Len & Catherine Albrecht, Robert Milton, Doreen Grace, Ken & Josette Chase, Gary Byrne, Norbert Krommer, Marg Wansborough, Mark & Susan Mooney, Norma Cadorin, and Andrea Polino.

Would you be interested in “Sponsoring a Kneeler?” $150 EACH COULD DO THE TRICK.

There are approximately 175 kneelers and it would sure speed things up if you are able to! We’d appreciate the generosity.