40 Russel Street East, Lindsay, Ontario

This year of 2016 marks the last of our 3-year restoration Today for Tomorrow Campaign. Our goal was to reach $800,000 to complete the interior restoration of our Church. Good News! Your commitment and generosity have allowed us to reach our goal. Please congratulate yourselves!

Almost all of the 3-year pledges have been completed and some of you have continued your pledges for various lengths of time. Many of you are still continuing your monthly Restoration envelopes. Please continue. You can see that there are still available items for commemorative opportunities in our church. Please consider taking one of these opportunities.

The Support Card revenues continue every month thanks to your good planning, and we hope, minimal inconvenience. This program began in March 2010 and our profit to date is $148,000. If you have not used it yet, please do. This money all goes to the Restoration Fund.

Our fish fries have continued to be very successful. We average around 300 people for each supper twice a year. We do make a profit on this supper but more importantly it has become a fellowship event and surrounding neighbours.

The garden parties were popular and sold out quickly. Not only did we make a profit but everyone enjoyed the fashion show, food and fun.

A plaque is being made to acknowledge legacies from the year 2000 and forward. This is to remember those parishioners who bequested money to St. Mary’s Church for restoration and maintenance. A digital computer center is being installed in the church vestibule to acknowledge all donors to The Brick Campaign, The Penny Campaign, The Memorial Family Donations, The Restoration Today for Tomorrow Campaign and Commemorative Opportunities Campaign.

Work will begin in 2017 on the interior restoration. Interior painting, canvas cleaning, new stencils, altar repairs, new lighting and much more will all culminate in a beautiful testament to our faith.

Over the past 5 years our committee has had the privilege and honour to serve you. As a result of your extraordinary generosity, our church will be restored to its former glory.

Thank you and God bless.

Dominic Fox – Honourary Chair
Brian O’Neill – Chair
Fr. Tom Lynch
and The Restoration Today for Tomorrow Fundraising Committee