40 Russel Street East, Lindsay, Ontario

Have you considered making a donation to the St. Mary’s Church Restoration Program in the name of your loved one/friend/organization?

The work on the north face of the tower is continuing as you can see. The re-mortaring is down below the eves and they are well on their way to coming down to the door. Pinnacles are still being restructured and rebuilt. Vents and repainting are being done to the spire while the scaffolding is up. We project another month to finish the entire project. Once again I urge you to take a few minutes to watch the video to get a clear idea of the work that is being done. The extent of this phase of the project means that our restoration funds have been used up and we have dipped slightly into our reserves. This means that we need to embark on a fundraising campaign.

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This weekend will mark the kick-off of the 2013-2016 fundraising campaign. To complete phase 2-6 of the restoration – that is the rest of the outside and the interior – and to have an appropriate restoration reserve will take 2.5 million dollars. The Fundraising Committee, the Finance Committee and the Property and Maintenance Committee have all agreed that this is a realistic amount. Over the next few years you will hear a very great deal about our campaign. We are called to do this together. We are called to do it well. We are called to do it to build up our physical church to the greater glory of God.
This amount seems a great deal and it is. But it is attainable. It is a goal that can be reached if we swing together and sacrifice to the best of our ability and keep focused on the goals of the campaign. As we get the funds we will do the work phase by phase. What I need you to do is to pray about this: to pray for yourself to see how your are called to support it; to pray for the parish that we can be united in our goals; to pray for our community of faith that we will grow in grace, faith and spiritual strength as a people of God gathered in the name of Jesus.