40 Russel Street East, Lindsay, Ontario

The major external renovation is a large project which will be very costly by the time it is finished, and is an important aspect of our Today for Tomorrow program. We are considering adding a new page on our website which would cover the project progress as part of a pictorial history of our parish community, and our beautiful church. We are taking this opportunity to ask parishioners to look through their old family photographs, looking for any interesting photos of the church exterior or interior, or any interesting photos of events in the life of the church (preferably with notes on the date or event). These may be pictures of renovations or extensions over the years, or events in the life of the parish church or school such as a Bishop’s visit for Confirmation, or some other parish celebration or anniversary.

Most families have collections of old photos, either in albums or in shoeboxes. Some may have collections of 35mm slides. Would you be able to help us? This is your parish and your history, and we are asking for your help on this project to collect the pieces, so we can put all the pieces together into the big picture. If you could dig out your photos and loan these items to the parish for a few days, we have a parishioner who can scan old photos or 35mm slides to make digital images, and then return the originals to the owners. The end product could be a collection of pictures taken over the years; then and now, and could be a display or on the website. Please contact the office initially at 705-324 4828.