40 Russel Street East, Lindsay, Ontario

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You can see the progress on the eastern wall. Please take time after Mass to come and take a close look at it. Right underneath the roof at the soffit are large wooden fixtures called dentals (for obvious reasons – because they look like teeth). The northern end has dentals which have been scraped and repainted and sealed to keep out the birds and bats. The northern sections of the wall have been stripped, had brick replaced and repointed but it has not had its final wash which has to wait until all the work is done on the entire wall. The window frames need to be scraped and repainted and aluminum seal put over the caulking at the cost of approximately $4,000 because paint will not stick to caulking.

At the base of the chimney at the northeast corner of the church is the boiler room. It was built in approximately 1957 and, as you can see, the brick is different than the wall. Its three eastern windows are being replaced. The flat roof may have to be replaced as it is well beyond the normal lifespan of a roof. The metal railing has been sent out to be repaired by one of our own parishioners – Gene Carlin. We are still deciding what to do about the flower bed beside the northern ramp. The flower bed doesn’t have proper drainage and is holding water against the foundation. There has been some water damage to the northeast corner of the boiler room foundation.

The rest of the wall is proceeding exactly on schedule. See if you can spot some of the new replacement bricks in the wall. The workers will continue to board up the windows as necessary and all the windows must be kept closed to keep out the dust.

All the work being done so far is because of your generosity. If we wish to continue, you are going to have to support the Today for Tomorrow Campaign to the best of your ability. If you haven’t contributed, you need to prayerfully consider what your contribution can be. If you have contributed already- a big thank you – and would you please consider contributing a little more to help this project along? This is your church. Let’s save it!