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Building Community in Indonesia
The 3rd week of our pilgrimage finds us in Indonesia. The word kampung has come to mean ‘slum’ in the local language, but its original definition is ‘community.’ Your support for Share Lent means that By Mopurto, who lives in a kampung has been able to renovate his home for his family, despite suffering from mental illness. The community is coming together to support him and his family. “My home is in heaven,” he says, “because here we feel the meaning of brotherhood in the social life of kampung.”

Development and Peace is pleased to welcome Ary Regis, a radio announcer from Haiti, who broadcasts in Haiti for the SAKS Foundation. This organization, which is one of D&P’s partners, delivers community radio to Haitians who do not have access to newspapers, public television, or internet, including those affected by the 2010 earthquake. SAKS also provides training for youth and adults in communication and journalism techniques.
Please join us to hear Ary’s story.
Event date: Saturday, March 5. Location: Immaculate Conception Parish Hall, 386 Rogers St. Peterborough. Time: 7-8:30 p.m.