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development and peace lindsay

In December, world leaders will be meeting in Paris at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP2I) to negotiate a binding and universal agreement on the world’s climate. For this agreement to be effective at avoiding future climate-related disasters, the global temperature can’t rise more than 2 degrees Celsius over the coming years. In order to achieve this, however, countries like Canada will need to transition to renewable energies, and move away from fossil fuels.

This weekend you will receive a very important pamphlet called “Create A Climate for Change”. We ask you to read it carefully and be prepared to sign an Action Card from Development and Peace, to show your commitment to reduce our personal care carbon footprint, and to send a strong message to our Prime Minister to adopt a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement to tackle climate change. In Paris, France, a meeting of world leaders will hopefully sign a binding treaty to tackle climate change, and solve this urgent crisis. Canada was the only country to have withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol. We have not been doing our part. The action card will be given to you next Sunday and these will be sent to our Prime Minister to show what we think and how he must vote in December in Paris. We want every card signed.