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Although Glamis Gold is registered in Vancouver, BC, which distinguishes it as ‘Canadian’, its offices are in Reno, Nevada. Many companies listed as Canadian are in fact from other countries or are the result of mergers with Canadian companies. They register as Canadian companies to take advantage of Canada’s generous tax breaks for foreign exploration and development.


Open-pit gold mining uses large amounts of cyanide to remove microscopic specks of gold from vast amounts of ore or crushed rock. The waste rock, or tailings, are stored in ponds of water. Contamination of water sources from leaching and chemical spills have damaged ecological and and human health throughout the world.
These are two of the reasons Development & Peace is petitioning our government to:

* Refuse Canadian government support to mining companies that do not respect international environmental and human rights standards.
* Develop legal mechanisms that ensure mining companies are held accountable for their actions in the Global South.

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