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This fall, let’s pay tribute to women who build peace!

Across the world, brave women are coming together to struggle, to resist and to build a more peaceful world. This week, Development and Peace – Caritas Canada will introduce you to three of these women through our Women at the Heart of Peace Brochure which is in your bulletin today or you can find it at www.devp.org under resources.

Please get acquainted with Luz Estella Cifuentes, a Colombian woman who leads an inter-ethnic political training school for peasant farmers, Afro-Colombian and Indigenous women; Jamila Safi, an Afghan woman who provides training for imams and women on women’s rights; and Rabia Kadiry, a Syrian woman who organizes workshops to build social peace in Lebanon.

On November 18th and 19 we will be asking you to sign Our Action Card asking the Canadian government to give women the resources they need to be at the heart of peace.

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