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Share Lent Collection April 1st & 2nd

While both men and women suffer when they live in poverty, we know that women are disproportionately disadvantaged by their poverty. Gender discrimination means that women have far fewer resources and freedom to challenge and overcome their difficult circumstances. They are likely to be the last to eat or the ones least likely to access healthcare.
Women have more limited options for education and employment, and they may have difficulty accessing land or property. In addition to these many challenges, a great number also face domestic and sexual violence. While we have seen many advances in the human rights of women around the world, poor women face extra marginalization, and their voices are rarely heard.

Please take a few minutes as a family to pray and reflect on your Share Lent Donation to be taken up next weekend.

Maybe you could become a monthly donor, call Karen at 705-745-0034 for more information.