40 Russel Street East, Lindsay, Ontario

catholic womens league lindsay

We honour members of the CWL for their long time service to the parish and the League.
5 years – Meghan Crooks, Kathleen Walden, Elli Meyer, Theresa Lake, Sr. Loretta La Pointe, Jane Antal, Marina Currie, Tiiu Kubjas, Roxanne Purdy, Gail Vugts, Colleen O’Grady, Jacquiline M LeBlanc, Catherine McGrory, Olga Everson, Olivia Kuper, Theresa Bolvin, Milena Jager, Angela Byrne, Lorna Callaghan, Bernice O’Neill,
10 years – Pat Forget, Elaine Crosgrey, Norma Goller, Mary Green,
15 years – Ann Hollywood, Anne M Davies, Rose Mary McDonald, Sharon Smith, Annette Watson, Thea Lindeman, Gisela Wippler, Helen Holcroft, Linda Pfoh, Marnie Suggitt, Chris Vanderburg, Gloria Broad, Catherine Debosky, Theresa Campbell,
20 years – Adele Hopkins (received), Maria Daeubler,
25 years Jacqueline Barr, Lucie Butler, Bonnie Collins, Audrey Johnston, Joan Shippel,
30 years – Josette Chase, Elena Drury, Marianne Kirley, 40 years- Barbara Ford Brown, Jean O’Neill,
45 years – Henny Kraan,
50 years – Norma Brown,
60 years – Bernadette Kerrigan, Alma Webster, Congratulations!
Baby Bottle Boomerang – Please return the baby bottles on Father’s Day June 18th with your donation for the Kawartha Lakes Pregnancy Centre.