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Saint Luke was born a Greek and a Gentile in Antioch, Syria. He was a physician and it is believed that he may have also been a slave, as it was not uncommon in his day for slaves to be educated in medicine so the family would have a resident physician.

Luke became the close companion of Paul of Tarsus and accompanied him on his missionary journeys.

Luke is the only Gentile to have written books in the Bible. He is the writer of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles and his writings have been proven to be historically accurate.

In the third Gospel, Luke emphasizes Christ’s compassion for sinners and for those who suffer. One will also find in Luke’s account of the Gospel, a strong emphasis on the role women played in Christ’s ministry.

It is believed that Luke lived a long life and died c. 74 in Greece.

Saint Luke’s Feast Day is celebrated on October 18.