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Pre-Authorized Monthly Donations are a convenient method of making your regular contributions to the parish. It can be done with one simple call to the parish office or by filling out the Pre-Authorized Form included with this bulletin. Your contributions can be directed to either the General Operating Cost of the Parish or toward our Church Restoration or divided between both.

Some people hesitate to sign up for pre-authorized donation because they miss putting something in the collection basket each week. We have prepared small cards located at each door in an assigned box for you to take when you come into the church to put in the collection basket. Your envelope set can still be useful for various special appeals throughout the year. Pre-Authorized Monthly Donations benefits the parish because it helps ensure a level of income.

Expenses are ongoing and consistent. Receiving your regular and consistent donations enables the parish to meet its obligations on a monthly and annual basis regardless if you are on vacation or away.

Many of our parishioners find it most convenient to use pre payment plan for their donations. If you wish to join up, pick up a form at the main church entrance today and return it in a sealed envelope in the collection basket or send it to the parish office. …More details here


Is the cheque you write for your weekly offering the only cheque you write? Do you scramble before leaving home to find cash for your weekly offering? St. Mary’s optional auto-debit program may be just right for you!

Automatic withdrawals from your bank account, either monthly or bi-monthly, would eliminate the need for envelopes, personal cheques and cash withdrawals. You can determine exactly how much you wish to contribute to the offertory and/or building fund and you can opt in and/or out of the program at any time.

“But wait, I like to put my offering in the basket.” Not a problem . . . offertory cards will be available at each of the entrances. Just pick one up on your way into church and place it in the offertory basket. The cards will be recycled and returned to the entrances each week.

Registration forms are available from the ushers or you can contact the office and one will be mailed to you. When it is completed, return it to us, along with a voided cheque and we will take care of the rest.

If you are not comfortable with this new option, and you are concerned about your weekly offerings when you might be absent from this parish, post-dated cheques are always another option.

Your finance council thanks you for your continued support of St. Mary’s Parish.

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