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“Anyone who piously and earnestly ponders the Sermon on the Mount – as we read in the Gospel according to Matthew – I believe he will find therein… the perfect standard of the Christian Life.”
— St Augustine

This week at Chosen we learned about the natural moral law “which is written and engraved in the soul of each and every man” (CCC 1954). We also learned about the Old Law which was revealed to the people of Israel in the Old Testament through the Ten Commandments. Finally, we learned about the New Law which is the perfection of the natural moral law and the Old Law. The New Law, which primarily we hear about in the Sermon on the Mount, calls for a transformation of heart in living out our faith in words and actions. We learned that when we keep the Commandments and act out of love rather than fear we live in true freedom and have true and lasting joy. We also had fun playing dodgeball, acting out a skit from the virtuous life of St Francis and one of his friars, Brother Juniper, enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and closed our evening with time for quiet prayer in the church. Grade 7 and 8 students, please join us this week when we will learn about grace, justification and the Church. New members are always welcome! Next meeting Tuesday February 20th 7-9pm,
St Mary’s School.

Our next Ora et Labora meeting will take place on Friday February 23rd 7pm. High school students please join us. We will begin in the Church praying the Stations of the Cross, then move to the school to enjoy pizza and a game of volleyball and finish back in the church – joining in the 40 Hours Devotion with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the opportunity for Confession.

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